We offer you options; you choose your path.

About ZenResolve

Our Mission

ZenResolve’s mission is to provide fair, transparent, consumer-driven resolution of outstanding debt by employing “light touch” communications via advanced technologies.

Our Story

For an industry to change, it must look inwards, and try to see itself from its customers’ point of view. And let’s be realistic: we’re a collections company.

We’re well aware of how people view bill collectors, and it’s not pretty. That’s exactly why we created every inch of our company to be the polar opposite of everything you’ve come to expect from a collections company. Our process of introspection started by identifying the single most unpleasant experience for customers in collections, the dreaded collections call. We wanted to drastically reduce the number of phone calls customers receive, reserving the phone call as a “last resort.” If you respond to an email from us and resolve your debt online, your phone could remain as silent as a moonlight meditation class.

We also looked for other points of pain in the process and began weeding those from our garden as well. If you’ve ever had to dispute a bill in collections, you know that it can be like pulling teeth, only slower and more painful. We’ve changed that process, too. You simply answer a few questions online, upload your supporting document(s), and get back to watching videos of puppies and giggling babies.

We’ve even made the hardest part, actually paying the bill, as quick and painless as possible. We are, after all, a collections company, and it’s in our very nature to resolve outstanding debt. We just do it in a much kinder, gentler way.

There will be no gruff demands to “pay it all now, or else!” That’s just bad karma. Instead, we offer you options, and you determine your own financial path. We even offer options that reduce the amount you owe – bonus karma points!

We took a hard look at the collections industry from first contact to final resolution, and we’ve built something better – more customer-driven, less invasive and more efficient. Now it’s time to let go of the negative energy of the past and embrace the positive momentum of the future. Say it with us now: "Ommmmm."

Why We're Different

The core difference between ZenResolve and other collections companies is how we prioritize our customers’ time, privacy and role in their own financial destiny. Others may barge into your private life like a bull, interrupting the time you’ve carefully carved out for yourself, your family and your friends.

We’d rather tiptoe into your life like a lamb, softly nestling into your inbox or occasionally drifting in via text. You can read through and respond to our communications when it fits your schedule. We’ll only ring you as a last resort, when emails and texts have gone unanswered.

This next one might be a brain-breaker, but we don’t think paying bills needs to be painful. It can be as enjoyable as any other online experience. We highly recommend paying your bills while wearing yoga pants and drinking coffee. Or wine. Wine is better.

Another major difference is the transfer of repayment power to the customer. You’ll decide how your debt is resolved by choosing your own repayment plan. If you don’t agree with the total amount or want to dispute the entire bill, you’ll have those options as well.

   Customer Service

We are outside of chat hours, but if you email us at customerservice@zenresolve.com we'll be happy to help you.